Canonbury 2020

Improving Canonbury for and by residents

We're a group of Canonbury residents who'd like to improve our streets and public spaces to benefit local people & businesses.

We are delighted to be part of, the borough-wide campaign to support People Friendly Streets. Please tweet/NextDoor/Instagram using #lowtrafficislington and showing your support for safer, quieter streets and cleaner air. 💚💚💚

Latest news 3 December:

If you are able to help us leafleting, please let us know; and if you'd like a poster to show your support for safer, quieter, cleaner streets, drop us a line and we'll get one to you. Thank you !

As the Canonbury East consultation ends, the Canonbury West one opens on 30 November and will be available for your responses until 18 January 2022. However, time goes really fast so if you can, it would be great if you could open the link and get your views to the Council now. The monitoring report is also available; highlights here:

  • Traffic at Clephane Road (North) has fallen by 87%, from 2,501 to 332 vehicles per day.

  • At Canonbury Square, the number of cycling trips rose from 182 to 697 per day, a 283% rise.

  • The changes in levels of nitrogen dioxide reflect those in the borough more widely.

  • The scheme had no significant impact on London Fire Brigade response times, or on anti-social behaviour and crime rates.

  • Overall, there has been a moderate decrease in motor vehicle traffic on boundary roads, with traffic falling on Canonbury Road (North) (-53%), Essex Road (-10%), Canonbury Road (South) (-8%), St. Paul’s Road (West) (-3%) and St. Paul’s Road (East) (-3%).

The council has also organised various events to gather feedback - registration opens at 0900 on 8 December:

  • Street drop-in session, Ramsey Walk, opposite New River Green Children's Centre (N1 2SX), Sunday 5 December 2021 2-3:30pm. No registration required.

  • Town Hall meeting, Islington Town Hall, Upper Street (N1 2UD), Tuesday 14 December 2021 5:30-6:30pm. Registration required.

  • Or join us online for our Zoom event on Monday 10 January 2022, 5-6pm. Registration required.

  • The consultation for Canonbury East was published on 3 November and is open until 30 November - please send in your responses There are two sessions for you to talk to the council team about the plans so try to attend these if you can: a drop-in event at the Rosemary Branch on Friday 5 November from 1700 - 1830 and the second at the town hall on Monday 8 November 1700 - 1830.

  • The consultation for Canonbury East is due to be published on 25 October and so we need to ensure that as many people as possible reply - positively - to keep our LTN. We'll post a link as soon as we get one. In the meantime, please start talking to friends and neighbours about People Friendly Streets/LTNs and the benefits we've enjoyed. Our sister site has an excellent FAQ, well worth a look.

  • Our next ward meeting is on Wednesday 29 September - details here - an opportunity to talk to our three councillors about all things Canonbury.

  • Community event in Canonbury on Sunday 8 August from 1030; come along to Canonbury Place to say hello and meet various community groups such as islington Forest for Change, Cycle Buddies and London Parklet Campaign.

  • The monitoring results for Canonbury West won't be available for several months; so long as there are gas works and the large hole at Canonbury Square, there's little point in doing any measurements which would inevitably skew any meaningful results. So we can expect them towards the end of the year.

  • Monitoring report results out for Canonbury East. Headlines: overall traffic has fallen by 78%, a reduction of 12,120 vehicles/day; nitrogen dioxide levels have fallen in line with expectations; speeding in the area down 88% and cycling down by 28%. While London Ambulance have reported no concerns, Fire Brigade response times, while within the target of 6 minutes in Canonbury overall, have increased which is being monitored.

  • Will Norman is the speaker at Cycle Islington's next meeting on 12 May; if you want to hear his presentation on 'A year in perspective', please send a DM to their Twitter @CycleIslington.

  • Many thanks to our councillors for participating in our Zoom on 31 March; these opportunities to feed back and hear from Nick Wayne, Clare Jeapes and John Woolfe are useful to everyone so we will organise another later in the year when the public consultations are due to go live. Make sure you are on our mailing list to hear about future webinars: And follow us on Twitter: @canonbury2020.

  • There are individual consultations for both Canonbury East and Canonbury West on the council's PFS (People Friendly Streets) site so do please give your feedback as this helps the council traffic planners to refine the schemes if required.

  • The council's PFS site also now has a Q&A section here.

  • The Canonbury Society conducted a survey of its members last year; results available here

Your friends & neighbours are supporting change too

Many people believe that they are alone in supporting changes that would make walking and cycling safer and easier. You aren't alone – your friends and neighbours are much more supportive than you think.

Research by YouGov has found that 77% of people in the UK support measures in their local area to encourage cycling and walking. That's 6.5 people supporters for every 1 against. Read more about the results of the research >

Canonbury Ward meeting

Canonbury Councillors will be hosting a ward partnership meeting on Wednesday 25 November on Zoom. Residents are invited to discuss Youth Commissioning and Provision and People-Friendly Streets.

More details >>

Canonbury West LTN is now active

The wait for People-friendly streets in Canonbury West is over!

Islington's latest low-traffic neighbourhood went live on Monday 9 November.

Read more about the new traffic calming measures in Canonbury West >>

Councillors answer residents' questions

Local Councillors for Canonbury joined us to answering questions at a community zoom meeting.

Read Cllr Wayne's opening remarks >>

Read follow up answers to questions from the chat >>

People-friendly streets coming to Canonbury

Paula: East Canonbury resident

Talia had a chat with Paula about using pavements and streets as a motorised wheelchair user in East Canonbury

Father and son enjoying exercise together in Rotherfield Street

Research shows low-traffic neighbourhoods benefit everyone

Leader of Islington Council Richard Watts' published a twitter thread countering misinformation about low-traffic neighbourhoods. Read what Cllr Watts had to say

Mobility access: streets that everyone can use

Lucy Facer joins Carly Ashdown on the school run to discover the reality of driving a mobility scooter around Islington streets and how low traffic neighbourhoods will affect her journey.

Parklets and planters

Parklets and street planters are popping up all over North London and soon in Islington we hope to have our own sensible process for a green parking permit. Read about how to green your street with Eilidh explains >

How Satnav increases traffic in our area

New apps like Google Maps and Waze are increasing traffic in our neighbourhood.

Talia explains how >

Healthy streets and low-traffic neighbourhoods

With roughly 3/4 of Islington residents living car-free, the council is planning to open up streets for people to use more safely. It's part of a London-wide project to make our city safer and healthier for residents.

Join us!

Contact to get more information about the project