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Dear all

As you may be aware, representatives of several groups – Islington Clean Air Parents, Fossil Free Islington, Living Streets, Cycle Islington and others – have been meeting regularly to discuss how they can support the implementation of Islington’s People-Friendly Streets (PFS) initiative. One proposal is that we organise an event to celebrate the introduction of People-Friendly Streets schemes in St Peter’s and Canonbury East. The objectives of such an event are:

  • To demonstrate the extent and breadth of support for the initiative

  • To obtain media coverage for the event that reflects this support

  • To provide a (courteous) response to voices opposed to the initiative

In running the event, we would seek:

  • To recruit as many supporters of the PFS programme as possible

  • To gather a group that represents as far as possible the diversity of the community that will benefit from PFS schemes

  • To ensure that all precautions required by the COVID-19 pandemic are observed, including both maximum numbers and social distancing

Our current thinking is that the event should take place within the St Peter’s scheme, probably on a Saturday in early September, once most people have returned from any holidays and schools are back. The format would be simple: a socially-distanced gathering of PFS supporters who live/work in Islington or have a link to the borough, using banners and posters, decorating streets with chalk. Relevant councillors would be made aware, as would the Gazette and Tribune. Whether there would be music and/or speeches could be determined nearer the time. The tone of the event would be positive and celebratory !

If this first event is thought to achieve its objectives, we would repeat it in other locations where schemes have been implemented.

We shall write again nearer the time with fuller details. For now, we ask you to:

  • Spread the word – please forward this message as appropriate

  • Sign up to this mailing list so that we may continue to keep you informed about events

Thank you !