Parklets & planters

Greening our urban environment

Eilidh explains how we can all put our green fingers to good use .....

There are many things we can do to green our streets.

  • Planters can be used as filters to stop traffic going down residential streets - much easier on the eye than bollards or camera - and can be a community focal point too. The only example I can think of is at Highbury Fields, where planters are used to 'unite the fields'. We hope that many can be used in the roll-out of the People Friendly Street programme of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

  • An enthusiastic pair of gardners in the north of the borough have been campaigning for a Green Parking Permit and in spite of many emails, the council is currently proposing to charge what they feel is an excessive amount for a permit, putting off many people from creating a green oasis on their streets. Noone feels that it should be free to park an electric vehicle, a few pounds to park a hybrid car yet over a hundred to put a planter on the street. Discussions ongoing !

  • Adopt a tree-pit - sign up , put a red ribbon round the trunk and away you go.

  • Community parklets - something which Hackney have but Islington currently does not; more information Just imagine a community parklet outside the parade of shops in the heart of Canonbury Village ..........