Paula in East Canonbury

Paula: "I can't use the pavement, but the street is dangerous"

By Talia Hussain

Paula lives in East Canonbury and uses a motorised wheelchair. I had a quick chat with her.

I met Paula zipping down Elmore Street in her motorised wheelchair. She's unable to use the pavements - uneven surfaces, pinch points around trees and rubbish are all hazards.

"That's why I'm using the street – but it's dangerous" she tells me.

Like a lot of people, she's heard about the new traffic reduction measures and has concerns about what it means for her. Will there be more traffic on the main road near her home? Will it cost more when she needs to take a taxi, because of a longer journey?

When similar changes were introduced in Walthamstow, the council and Transport for London found that traffic levels on main roads did not substantially increase and bus times were unaffected.

We anticipate similar results here, leading to an overall reduction in traffic. This should lead to benefits for people like Paula. There will be quieter safer streets when she's out on her own, and fewer cars on the roads when she needs to use taxis.

The council will be monitoring the results of the changes closely over the next few months and ironing out problems.

If you've noticed or experienced a problem, please get in touch and let us know.