Satnav and traffic

A shortcut on Waze taking drivers past a local primary school

Google maps & Waze are increasing traffic in Canonbury

Talia Hussain lives in East Canonbury

Through traffic and rat-running in Canonbury is increasing as satnav apps send drivers down our residential streets.

In the past, only a handful of drivers would have the knowledge to cut across residential areas. Now, everyone can do so by simply downloading an app to their mobile. The result is more vans and vehicles cutting through residential areas.

Delivery drivers and Uber drivers rely on Satnav apps to find routes that take them off the main roads. Uber, for example, has 45,000 cars in London – all using satnav to plot journeys and find shortcuts to save a few seconds on their journey.

Waze taking drivers up a local residential street

While many main routes are sign-posted, these apps allow traffic to build up on roads that should be much less busy. Southgate Road, for example, has become a busy route North from Old Street.

Englefield Road, Dove Road, Canonbury Square, Basire Street and many other residential streets have become busy routes for vehicles trying to avoid the main roads and intersections.

Time for Action

The increase in traffic is going to get worse as the Covid lockdown eases. We need the council to take action now.

If your residential street is becoming blighted as drivers using it as a cut-through route, please complete our survey so that all affected streets can be captured.