UK residents support walking & cycling

Research finds that the public wants greener safer streets

Research finds that most UK residents want greener public spaces and streets that are safer for walking and cycling. Unfortunately, a loud minority are dominating the debate and silencing the majority of people from saying what they believe.

The research was conducted by YouGov, who found that:

  • 77% of people support measures in their local area to encourage cycling and walking. Measures are supported by 6.5 people for every 1 against

  • 80% of people who expressed a preference want the UK’s streets redesigned to protect pedestrians and cyclists from motorists; 51% agree they would cycle more if these changes were made

Unfortunately, a noisy minority campaigning against the 'green recovery' are intimidating residents and local authorities. This minority opposition is stopping councils from making changes that would benefit the majority of people and be supported by communities.

Dr Ian Walker, an environmental psychologist at the University of Bath says that people underestimate the amount of support for these changes amongst their friends and neighbours. We may support changes but stay quiet because we think our friends and neighbours would disagree – but they don't.

When asked if "Britain would be better if more people cycled", people agreed by a ratio of more than 3 to 1 that it would be better. But, when asked what others thinks, people indicated that their friends and the public were much less likely to agree with them.

The unfortunate result is that many people who would like to support measures like pedestrianised shopping areas, cycle routes or more green space feel intimidated from saying what they really believe.

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